Kids - Fool your Parents on April Fools Day

Picture of April Fools for Kids.The first day of April is getting closer and we all know what that means; lots of fun and laughs. Fool your parents, fool your friends, and don't forget to take advantage of the day by making fun of your teacher without having to suffer for it.

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Here is a few pranks that can give you some ideas:

Money Greed
This is a classic joke. Take some coins and super glue them to the ground, choose a good spot, maybe at the mall or at the sidewalk, as long as it has a lot of people walking by. Then sit bit and enjoy the show when people tries to take the money.

Lose Thread
Place a spool of thread that has the same color as your shirt inside your pocket. Then thread it through your shirt to make it look like lint. Then your friends will start pulling the thread, and will continue until they realize it is a April Fool’s joke.

The Worm in the Apple

Go to the store and buy some gummy worms and some fresh apples. Carefully place the worms inside the apples, make it look natural. Then give the fruit to your family and wait for the response...

Dog Switcher

This prank is a bit tricky since it only works if you got a puppy and you probably can't fool your parents, but you can fool your younger brother or sister. Overnight borrow a similar but older dog from your friends and then convince your brother and sister that the puppy has grown over night.

Tire Popp

For this joke you need a balloon and you need your parents to have a car. Place the balloon on the tailpipe of the car(when the engine is switch off), then when your parents start the car the balloon will explode and it will sound like the engine popped.

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